Filming on Skis Showreel!

New Video! Here’s a few examples of me filming on Skis!

One of my particular specialisations is producing stable, usable footage while skiing. This is done firstly by choosing the right equipment, be it a stabilised camera or support system, a slow motion camera, or a GoPro perhaps, then by scouting out a few suitable, picturesque and safe runs, and adding  a well practiced hand!

About John E Fry

John is a highly experienced professional cameraman, Steadicam Operator and ski film maker from Wiltshire, UK. He has filmed for all the major UK TV broadcasters and many global corporations, as well as a host of private clients, businesses, and production companies. As a Steadicam operator he has worked for TV, feature films, outside broadcasts and more. As a CSIA ski instructor John is one of very few professional cameramen with a recognised snowsport qualification in the UK.

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