New Stabilised GoPro Jib!

As a Steadicam operator I’m never happy with unstable, juddery pictures, and until recently this was the only sort of footage you ever got from a GoPro camera, because they have no inbuilt stabilisation and are almost never used on a tripod!

Now however we have invested in a little gadget and modified it specifically for use when skiing. The device allows our new Hero 4 to be mounted on a ski pole giving high and low shots with almost the stability of a Steadicam, but in a much smaller, more compact, and entirely ski safe form.

Due to the lack of snow in Europe until recently, we went to Iceland to try it out!

And here’s me & another John testing out the prototype in Iceland!


John & John testing the Steadi-Jib in Iceland

About John E Fry

John is a highly experienced professional cameraman, Steadicam Operator and ski film maker from Wiltshire, UK. He has filmed for all the major UK TV broadcasters and many global corporations, as well as a host of private clients, businesses, and production companies. As a Steadicam operator he has worked for TV, feature films, outside broadcasts and more. As a CSIA ski instructor John is one of very few professional cameramen with a recognised snowsport qualification in the UK.


  1. Mr Fry,

    I have been scouring the Web for anymore information about this fascinating camera jib. Do you have anymore information about this particular prototype?

    Many thanks,


    • Hi Cygnette,
      The prototype is my own design, so there wont be any other info on it. We combined a GoPro 4 with a controlable triple axis gimbal, then through some custom gubbins added the jib, an iPhone 6 as the viewfinder & away we went!

      • Dear Mr Fry,

        Many thanks for your prompt response. I’m very impressed, it looks like a very professional product. Its a shame it’s not for consumers, I have been looking for a compact jib for skiing, however I am not a professional.

        Again thanks for replying and good luck with future shoots in those beautiful surroundings.


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