Sony have broken the mould again (or at least recast it) with this awesome new 4K & HD slow motion, easily hand holdable, cinema quality beast – and we have one to shoot with in the slopes! It’s also available for you to hire, by the way!

Sony PXW-FS7 ski film 4K

Our FS7 with Canon ENG TV zoom lens

The FS7 allows us to shoot 4K and HD in the same camera without using an external recorder, so very compact & lightweight, in fact with a small lens it’s almost as tiny as our FS700, but even more easy to use. The slow motion is not as slow as the FS700, only 180 frame per second instead of 400 at full HD, but the trade off is that you don’t have to wait for the slow motion buffer to write the footage to the card – it’s instantaneous, so shooting slowmo is exactly the same process as normal-mo but for one button!

Although the camera can be built up to a full size TV or cinema style big system, it can also be used in it’s minimal configuration, perfect for use on the slopes!

Sony PXW-FS7 compact

Our FS7 in it’s compact travel form

What I like most about the camera is its versatility. One day I can be shooting a feature film in full 4K with cinema style picture settings, huge cine lenses creating just as huge data, the next I could be filming for TV News with a broadcast lens & broadcast pictures, then that weekend I can be on skis with the minimal setup above, shooting compressed 4K or HD inĀ gorgeous filmic slow motion!

More details about the kit we have here: Out Sony FS7 & FS700 site

About John E Fry

John is a highly experienced professional cameraman, Steadicam Operator and ski film maker from Wiltshire, UK. He has filmed for all the major UK TV broadcasters and many global corporations, as well as a host of private clients, businesses, and production companies. As a Steadicam operator he has worked for TV, feature films, outside broadcasts and more. As a CSIA ski instructor John is one of very few professional cameramen with a recognised snowsport qualification in the UK.

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